Be Saved and Fabulous 

A Saved and Fabulous Lady

-Pick Jesus as her number one love…although fashion and beauty may make the top five list of favorites. She loves Jesus with all of her heart and is truly saved.
-Is absolutely here for a good face beat, but knows that her faith and character will always be more beautiful than her outer appearance.
-Can slay an outfit and a picture, but is also clothed with righteousness.  
-Realizes her worth. She is the total package not because she is perfect, but because she was made flawless through Jesus amazing grace. 
-Is on her own journey. She does not compare herself to other ladies, but is inspired by them and uplifts them. 

I am Saved and Fabulous, are you? Saved and Fabulous is a brand that wants to see you at your absolute best, spiritually, physically, and emotionally. Your style and appearance says who you are without the need to vocalize your truth. It is a reflection of how you feel about yourself and what you want to bring to others. You carry God’s gift to the world inside of you, and you need to make sure the package is wrapped fabulously.


Pants: Mango

Bag: H&M


Birthday Celebration 6/4/17

This year I celebrated my birthday away from the known!! I took a leap of faith into a unknown place.. a place where I barely know anyone, a place a had to find a new hair stylist, a new nail salon, a new photographer a new makeup artist, you name it lol!! All these littte things that matters to us but funny thing I didn’t go hunting for any of these things and they fall into my lap.. I am surrounded by amazing ladies and Gents that either pray for me, come and scoop me up and took me to dinner or lunch, tell me don’t hesitate to call or text if I need anything.. and they didnt just say it they meant it because I took them up on thier offer 😂😂😂 I was bold enough to chop my hair off again after almost 7 years from my last hair cut and @traccij was litterally God send.. soooo im happy and grateful i live to see another birthday even more grateful that my bestie I grew up with flew in from Boston to visit me!! By the way can we talk about this golden tan though 😂😂😻😻😻 love it!!!!!! Shout out to everyone that hang with me last night!! @sophie_sez @pinkandprada @wandaanicole @fashionmeetsgod @shannon_toston and few others!! Thanks for the love!! Image by the dope @wandaanicole

Top: Zara 


Shoes: Gucci

S&F Featuring Shawn Blanchard


1.What is Fashion to you? Fashion is an art form that’s often mistaken as glorifying brands and expensive material instead of respecting fabrics, shades, textures, color blocking, shapes, stitching, and combinations.

2. Do you love Fashion? (Explain why) I definitely Love fashion. It enables us to express ourselves and make statements without speaking verbally or physically. It even separates body language based upon what we are wearing. In the same sense, a body gesture can actually mean something completely different depending on what we are wearing. It’s powerful! I can take your respect without permission through fashion. However, we need substance to maintain the respect. First impressions are difficult to break. Especially as a black man.

3. What is a fashion must have for you? A must have is wrist wear. Very rarely will you ever catch me without a watch or some assorted wrist wear.


4. What does your style say about you? My style says: Timeless Classic Man that plays by my own set of rules.

5. Do you have any favorite menswear brands? I can name a few brands that appear in my closet Hugo Boss, Brooks Brothers, Zara, SnapSuits (My own custom suit company. Co-owner)… However, I am not married to any brands. I like what speaks to me when I see it. Boutiques usually have really unique pieces from brands that we may rarely run across.

6. Do you have a male fashion icon? To name one would be disrespectful LOL! I can appreciate Davidson Frere, Nick Wooster, Kanye West, David Beckham, and Ryan Goslin. Each of them push the envelope and create trends while maintaining their personal timeless appeal.


7. Do you have any fashion advice for men?
a. Wear what’s comfortable for you and never be afraid to express yourself through fashion art.
b. Every gentleman should have a go-to tailor. Don’t believe the myth, they’re not ridiculously expensive.
c. Go against the grain just because.
d. However, please refrain from buttoning the bottom button of a two button suit jacket!!! LOL

Saved and Fabulous readers will love to hear what men have to say about women fashion.

8. Tell us how you feel about women’s fashion? Women’s fashion is another level of fashion art. It goes beyond men because women have so many options. I don’t understand it on the rack, but I get it when it’s on the body of a woman.


9. Do you love women’s fashion? More like respect.

10. Does a woman having good style matter to you? (Explain why) I certainly respect it. I enjoy the art and it’s enjoyed to have the conversation whether verbally or silently with a lady. It’s pretty dope when a woman clearly knows what she’s doing.

11. What is one article of clothing you admire on a woman?  The shoes.

12. What are your thoughts on ladies who dress sexy/revealing? There are levels to dressing sexy. Honestly, I like sexy attire, but I respect when it’s done tastefully or sexy within the right setting. There are many ways to be sexy without being naked.

13. What are your thoughts on ladies who dress conservatively? There are levels to this as well. I’m not a fan of too conservative. But as in #12 there are ways to be conservative-classy-sexy. I respect what God has done with the female body. It’s art within itself.

14. Which female celebrity’s style do you most admire? I like Angela Simmons, she kills it.
15. Do you have any fashion advice for women?

a. Put heals in your wardrobe (whatever kind you can actually walk in).                                                                                                           b. If you have a man don’t let him see you in sweats all day. Dress up a tad even when you’re chillin. Don’t let him be too thrilled by every other woman besides you.                                        c. Sexy is more than naked. Light, loose, and soft hanging fabric is sexy too.                                                                                                       d. Go beyond the typical LV and Gucci brands.

Since this is a “Saved and Fabulous” blog, we want to end it with your faith!

Tell us : What does this Scripture mean to you?
Joel 2:13 “Rend your heart and not your garments. Return to the LORD your God, for he is gracious and compassionate, slow to anger and abounding in love, and he relents from sending calamity”

I believe this scripture is speaking of giving God what is eternally his instead of what is temporary and meaningless. This reminds me of the concept behind the book of Ecclesiastes, “Nothing matters, but God”. We can’t serve more than one master. “Pay” God with your whole heart… He’s not the kind of “entity” that’s into tips:)

In a nutshell, we should keep it 1,000 with God:)

Saved and Fabulous thanks Shawn for his great answers and his insightful male perspective!!

Not only, does Shawn have superb style and a knack for fashion, he is a great writer and his story is incredibly inspiring. He recently wrote the book , How ‘Bout That For A “Crackbaby”.

Click the link below to find out more about the book.


My First Speaking Engagement in Boston


Boston landscape….☺️


Prepping  for the event in my Newly designed Terry Ann Phillips Faux Fur.👠


Enjoying a fellow panelist speak on women’s fashion.


During the panelist portion, I was able to share my take on topics in fashion. One topic was how to style to cater to your body type. I encouraged the ladies to embrace their personal styles while adding that they did not need to expose their bodies to look great and feel great. I also shared the importance of having a pure mind and heart on the inside. Modesty should not be a means to judge other believers. As God transforms us and renews our mind, He convicts us in different areas. We should pray for our sisters in Christ and allow God to do His work of sanctification. It was a great time communicating with and to the guests and fellow panelists.


Guests dressed to impress and the art work was great to look at.

God showed out and gave me the courage to speak His words and encourage others. All glory belongs to Him!


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Called To Be A Designer:

Yet Fearing An Unknown Future

I never really related to the scripture before the Holy Spirit led me to pursue fashion design. Proverbs 31:25 ” She laughs without fear of the future” 

I did not understand the scripture or see its relevance in my life. During my “called to design” season, I was living a life that was opposite to the scripture. God had called me to be a designer, but (in my own human reasoning) I did not see the feasibility of the call.

But when does God ever call us to do the feasible?

He calls us to do things that require our total dependence on him. I loved fashion and almost breathed fashion daily. But, at the time, I did not see why he would call me (a novice to the design field) to be a fashion designer.

I was a temp for a financial corporation in New York. I had never attended fashion school; I studied economics and sociology in college. I had never even walked into a school for design! So, the practical aspects of pursuing the call were completely lost on me. I was oblivious.

So I questioned what I heard. And, I made excuses to excuse myself from yielding in obedience.

What kinds of clothing would I design? Would being a designer even yield a stable income?

Looking back, I am astonished at where God has brought me to. He took care of me. After many closed doors and being backed by the prayers of loved ones, I embarked on a year long journey that would eventually launch my career.

I began designing in secret, and I refused to share my designs publicly. Then one day, I met a stranger from Turkey, “J”, who befriended me. During our conversation, something told me to share my journey with her. After our meeting, unbenowedst to me, “J” shared my designs on her social media page and received a message inquiry about my design from a friend who loved my designs and desired to purchase one. “J” then reached out to me informing me of the recent events. After initially refusing to meet with her friend – I was not yet interested in selling my clothing- God told me to at least meet with the lady who (interestingly enough) also lived in New York. And, I ended up selling her one of my first designed gowns from my collection that she wore to a wedding in Nigeria.
How amazing is that?!
God works in the most mysterious ways. And, I am still blown away by His creativity and goodness towards me.

A lady from Turkey who I met in passing connected me to my very first customer.
Despite past disappointments in our journeys and obstacles that have fallen along our way, we need not carry the weights and burdens of what may be in the future. We can hold fast and remember His promises and faithfulness in the past as we release the weight of the future in His care. He knows our way. He holds our future in His stable hands.

As children of God, we no longer need to live under the chains and bondage of fear as slaves. We have been given new life and can laugh without fear of the future Proverbs 31:25  Christ loves us perfectly, and His perfect love casts all our fears aside. 1 John 4:18


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Pressing Through: Steadfast

I prepped my makeup and hair per usual, and we checked the weather through the day to ensure smooth sailing. Yet, a few a minutes or two after we began shooting, the weather dropped significantly with harsh winds.

Moving forward with a vision can often bring anxiety when the unanticipated occurs. We often plan and over plan to be overwhelmed when things don’t happen as planned. When we put our hope in the Lord He gives us peace to press through despite uncontrollable circumstances. We can pass through obstacles and challenges with confidence that God will take care of us.

“The steadfast of mind, you will keep in perfect peace, because they trust in You.” Isaiah 26:3

At the end of our second shoot, though it seemed we had little to show for all of our hard work, we found a few hidden gems in these images.


Coat: BCBG

Tights: Wolford

Shoes: Christian Louboutin

Faith over Fear “Jump”

Starting a new year can often be a stepping stone to the new. Approaching New Years, we are often asked by God to step out in faith and do things we never dreamt possible or never really pictured ourselves doing. Essentially, as we transition in a new direction, we have the opportunity to shake off the past year and move forward with a renewed vigor to accomplish the vision set before us. However, sometimes the opposite of faith sets in – fear.

Entering the new year, I had plans to continue building my fashion design business; I wanted to design a new winter collection and expand my design network. Then, all of a sudden, God placed blogging in my way, again. I had already had friends and family suggest that I blog before, but I wanted to keep my focus on designing and being a designer. This year was different though. As business orders for my line started coming in, each order would subsequently be canceled. I did not know what was going on. So, I sought God. And the more I sought Him, He repeatedly told me to trust Him. Have faith, He would speak to my spirit. That was when, a good friend suggested I start blogging. She thought I would fit in well with the fashion forward, fashion lovers who had made a hobby or business out of blogging. Fashion forward? Fashion lover? Those two phrases describe me well. Yet, I still somewhat shrugged off the idea of blogging.

“I want to stay in my lane and continue fashion design.”

What I thought was the height and end all of my true calling. But, maybe God was calling me to more? Maybe He was calling me to adventure. The adventure of obedience to a much more different call. A call that required me to be vulnerable and not be completely behind the scenes where I find comfort.

Then, finally, I decided to yield to the Lord. He told me to stop being stubborn and start blogging. At the time, my fear was my lack of a photographer and writing support.

Around that time, the same good friend sent me this paragraph she read online.

I know that you have been feeling a little off balance with a sense of instability. But, I tell you the truth, you are in My hands and I am completely reliable. You can put your trust in Me to bring you through this rocky time. Do not be afraid. I know all about your situation and the fears that have risen up to shake you out of faith, says the Lord. I am with you.

James 1:17 Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and comes down from the Father of lights, with whom there is no variation or shadow of turning.

After sharing my fears with her, she encouraged me to have faith and believe for God’s provision as I stepped into the unknown world of blogging. So, I did that. I began to move forward prayerfully. And guess what?? God provided! That is often how God works. His provision comes as we let go of fear and move forward in faith. “But without faith it is impossible to please him: for he that cometh to God must believe that he is, and that he is a rewarder of them that diligently seek him.”  “With God, all things are possible.”




Bag: TerryAnn Design (6 years ago)

Watch: Michael Kors (Jaryn Gold Tone Watch )

Shoes: Christian Louboutin (So Kate)